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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Tiada Yang Mustahil Bila Ada Tekad Untuk Berjaya!

DISABLED Nor Umairah Ahmad Jamhari, who scored 8As in her PMR examination last year, could not have asked for better birthday gifts when she received RM5,000 and a plaque from Perak Mentri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin on Thursday.

The gifts were presented to her by Mohammad Nizar’s political secretary Misbahul Munir Mas Duki at her home in Taman Desa Mulia in Teluk Intan as Mohammad Nizar was away in Kuala Lumpur.

Nor Umairah, who was born with underdeveloped limbs, celebrated her 16th birthday on Friday.

The gritty girl, who uses her foot to write, paint and eat, said since the announcement of the PMR results, she had become a celebrity at her school at SMK Raja Muda Musa.

Overcoming obstacles: Nor Umairah showing Misbahul Munir how she writes with her foot. With her are her parents Sanisah Mohamed and Ahmad Jamhari Daud.

“People whom I do not know at school are now coming up to me to say hello,” said the eldest daughter of a primary school teacher father and housewife mother.

Nor Umairah was also selected as this year’s Tokoh Maulidur Rasul recipient.

Asked what she would do with the prize money, Nor Umairah, who aspires to be a lawyer, said she would save it for her future studies.

Mohammad Nizar, who called her via his mobile phone earlier to apologise for not being able to present the gifts to her personally, advised the girl to continue her fine academic performance.

The Star, Metro Tuesday April 1, 2008

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